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Cookbooks to Support the DASH Diet

The delicious new DASH diet cookbook. A diet is good only if you love to eat the foods in the plan. This book provides fun meal ideas and lots of chef-tricks to make so easy to follow the DASH diet.   Not low in salt, or low in saturated fat, but it does teach you how to cook. Getting fundamental ideas from this book will help you be more skillful and find new ways to add flavor and variety. You will probably need to alter these recipes by reducing salt, and using healthier alternatives to butter. However, I still love the book, and consider it a great resource.   A wonderful resource to help you prepare great tasting meats and vegetables. Roasting is an often overlooked, very healthy food preparation method.
  An all time favorite, newly updated. Zonya has written a cookbook that answers all your questions about what to make for dinner (and lunch and breakfast). She tells you how to stock your kitchen, and helps you schedule pizza night, stir fry night, helps you make dinners you can pop in the oven while you take 30 minutes to exercise, and more. This is a wonderful resource that will help any harried family get on track with healthy eating.   Written by a biochemist, this is a wonderful guide for anyone who really wants to understand the concepts behind how foods are prepared, and how recipes are developed.   I learned to cook with the junior version of this cookbook, and it is still my all-time favorite. Whenever you are looking for a recipe for any type of food, this is the place to go.
  Quick and Healthy Low-fat Carb Conscious Cooking. Quick as well as healthy recipes, developed by Brenda Ponichtera, a registered dietitian. The first book in this (self-published) series has sold more than 500,000 copies. This version is lower in starchy and sugary foods, which are great for people with insulin resistance or diabetes. (You know who you are if you carry your weight around your belly.)   If you are wondering what to cook for dinner and how to put together a healthy meal, check out Cooking Light's 5 Ingredient 15 Minute Cookbook. In addition to providing ideas for the entrees, this book also gives you the side dishes. It truly does help you put together the entire meal. One of the recommended dishes is the honey-balsamic salmon, which is a great dish for entertaining as well as for a quick evening supper.



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