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The DASH Diet for Weight Loss
Popularized by the books:
The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution
and The DASH Diet Action Plan

The DASH diet supports healthy weight loss, in addition to all the health benefits. How did The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution and The DASH Diet Action Plan popularize the DASH for weight loss?

  • A diet with lots of fruits and veggies is very filling, yet low in calories.
  • The menus in the book include some protein-rich foods at each meal and snack. This makes the meals more satisfying and avoids in-between meal blood sugar crashes.
  • Focusing on the positive changes, that is, the foods you want to include, helps to avoid craving from thinking about what you are giving up.
  • The plan is something that you can follow for a lifetime. It isn't a short term "diet."
  • The meal plans do not overload on carbs, and they don't skimp on protein. The plans are low in refined starchy foods. And we need sufficient protein to avoid muscle loss, which would slow our metabolism. The older we are, the more we can benefit from getting enough protein.
  • The exercise recommended in the book supports healthy weight loss, without burnout.

While the primary goal of the DASH diet was to help people lower their blood pressure, The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution and The DASH Diet Action Plan provide easy-to-follow plans for healthy weight loss. The Weight Loss Solution book is a more pumped up version for faster weight loss, especially for people who find it difficult to lose. The Action Plan book is a more flexible plan, good for the whole family. Many readers have written to tell us that they lost significant weight in just a few weeks or months. Why do people find it easy to lose weight with the DASH diet? The DASH diet doesn't make room for a lot of junk food. And junk food tends to increase our desire to eat, rather than quenching hunger.

For people who are concerned about carbs, the DASH diet carbs are the healthiest ones, including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution is a lower-carb version of DASH that turbocharges weight loss. Our new cookbook, The Everyday DASH Diet Cookbook is the only DASH cookbook to support the Weight Loss Solution.

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