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The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution

DASH Diet Sample Daily Menus for Two Days

From The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution

The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution will help you reprogram your eating habits. You will learn how to make bulky, filling low-calorie vegetables the centerpiece of your meal, and make the meal more satisfying with protein-rich foods. Add in fruits, dairy, nuts/beans/seeds, and more, and you have the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Following are two examples of menus from the book, The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution. It features 28 days of meal plans, to help you visualize a variety of ways to put together the DASH diet. They are suggestions, and you are free to make substitutions with your favorite foods that have similar nutritional properties. This is part of the way that you will learn how to make the DASH diet into your own personal plan.

And yes, it does seem like a lot of food. You will not feel hungry on the DASH diet, even when you are losing weight! Because of this, people say that they are surprised that they lose their cravings. It becomes so easy to follow.

See some of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus from The DASH Diet Younger You.

Phase 1, Turbocharging weight loss.

Phase 2, An abundance of healthy foods.


Mini-Egg Beaters Southwestern Style Omlet

Low-sodium Tomato Juice


Midmorning Snack

Light Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge

Grape Tomatoes



Turkey and Swiss Roll-ups

Cole Slaw

Raw Snow Peas

Sugar-free Orange Jell-O


Midafternoon Snack

Light Cheese

Baby Carrots


Before-Dinner Snack


Bell Pepper Strips



Roasted Turkey

Sauteed Carrots and Onions

Side Salad with Italian Dressing

Sugar-free Lime Jell-O



Hot Chocolate

Hard Boiled Eggs

Light Cranberry Juice



Midmorning Snack

Key Lime Light Yogurt




Acapulco Tuna Salad in Pita Pocket

Sliced Bell Peppers

Sliced Tomatoes

Sugar-free Orange Jell-O


Midafternoon Snack


Handful of Cashews


Before-Dinner Snack

Peanuts in the Shell



Meaty Red Sauce Over Spaghetti Squash

Romaine Salad with Italian Dressing

Frozen Light Fudge Bar

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DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution

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DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution Everyday DASH Diet Cookbook

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