The DASH Diet Mediterranean Solution

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Best of the Best

Chapter 2: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Chapter 3: The New Philosophy for Reaching and Maintaining a Healthy Weight for the Rest of Your Life!

Chapter 4: Surprising Benefits of the Med-DASH Plan

Chapter 5: Want Different Results? Do Things Differently!

Chapter 6: The Big Three

Chapter 7: Real Food, Real Easy

Chapter 8: The Super-Simple Overview: Med-DASH Rules

Chapter 9: Optional Jump-Start and Relearning How to Eat

Chapter 10: The Full Med-DASH Eating Plan

Chapter 11: On Autopilot: Make It Easy and Simple!

Chapter 12: Problems No More!

Chapter 13: Make It Delicious! (Recipes)

Chapter 14: Your Best Health: The Med-DASH Impact

Appendix A: Beef

Appendix B: Pork

Appendix C: Poultry

Appendix D: Seafood